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Our practice is exclusively dedicated to Total Comfort for exceptionally fine dentistry. We can eliminate the sensations (sights, smells, sounds, stress) of dentistry that so many find unpleasant, even intolerable. We are fully trained, staffed and equipped to provide a wide range of sedation, twilight sleep or complete sleep technique. We'll help you choose the level of "Dentistry Asleep" that is right for you.


1. Total comfort control: Total control of comfort, anxiety, stress and the assurance of complete elimination of pain and sensation during any dental treatment.

2. "Mega Sessions": Total comfort control allows our team to provide extended treatment sessions to accomplish tremendous amounts of multiple treatments in a single appointment. Hours seem like mere minutes. Often, only one or two appointments finishes all treatment needs. Even complex needs including specialists' treatment are finished in a few sessions - a fraction of the appointment in a typical general practice. Mega sessions let you finish faster and offer a tremendous overall time savings. Time is a precious commodity.

3. Expertise: Dentistry Asleep is our practice. We don't reserve these benefits for an occasional few patients who "need it." We don't "bring in a specialist" once in a while "if necessary." Dentistry Asleep for excellent dentistry is all we do!


Dentistry Asleep Techniques / Levels

1.Relaxation with tranquil mild sedation is for mildly anxious patients. Although you remain "awake" and we rely on "freezing" to eliminate tooth pain, you experience a pleasant, comfortable, stress free appointment throughout even "mega sessions" that will make hours seem like mere minutes. At any time the amount of sedation can be increased into the next level(s) necessary for you as described below.

2.Twilighttechniques produce a "barely aware - don't care" state. Profound comfort. Zero pain. Minimal memory or virtually no memory of your session. The ultimate choice if your "fear factor" allows you to be "OK" with the awareness that we are doing dentistry in your mouth as long as you are always in total comfort. At any time, if needed, this state can be taken to the next level of Complete Sleep as described below.

3. Complete Sleep. The term says it all. Safe, sophisticated gentle anesthesia can eliminate consciousness altogether. You simply sleep through it all completely unaware of any treatment. Most of our patients want complete sleep. Some choose it for certain treatments only. Many want to be asleep for every kind of procedure in their mouth from "cleanings" to crowns, from fillings to implants... you can simply sleep through it all.



Dentistry Asleep is very safe. Dentistry Asleep techniques used by Dr. Small have, over millions of administrations, shown over the same safety record as the administration of simple dental freezing injections. Of course, every drug (even aspirin) has risks, sometimes severe, and we are open in our information and discussion. The bottom line is, given the "Rules" below, Dentistry Asleep is a safe, effective and simple choice for those who prefer or require it.

1.Rule 1; In considering any form of sedation/anesthesia is the training and credentials of the doctor and the staff. Ours are second to none.

Dr. Small has dedicated his professional career exclusively to this very special sophisticated service.

2. Rule 2; The clinic facility must be fully equipped and set up for Dentistry Asleep.

Our offices are specifically designed to be "part hospital"which is integrated into our modern dental office. We have a full recovery bed area continuously served and monitored by our fine Registered Nurses.

We have hospital caliber anesthetic equipment, monitors and devices including full emergency capability. We conform in every way to the stringent Certification requirements for sedation and anesthesia of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons. Dr. Small helped to write these requirements.

Of course, we also think you will find our offices to be beautiful, comforting and impeccably appointed.

3. Rule 3; Team: We have a large clinical staff far in excess of the numbers required for a typical dental practice. The majority are dedicated Registered Nurses who are committed full-time to Dr. Small. Not one, not two, but several. The best care requires not only the best staff, but enough numbers of professional medical staff to ensure continuous top level attention even if someone needs a personal day.

4. Rule 4; Compassion, empathy and support. We care and we dedicate ourselves exclusively to helping those who have recognized that they need, want and deserve our special care and services. We do not judge...we know and we care. That's why we are here.

The purpose of our practice is to help, and we know that the typical approach of general dental offices is not for many people.

When "Novacaine," "tranquillizer pills" or "laughing gas" are just not the answer, Dentistry Asleep is!

5. Information; We pride ourselves at offering and providing as much detailed information as you need and want. You are encouraged to ask questions. We listen!

Follow these rules to guide your choice of any practice that may offer "sleep dentistry." Choose carefully.

We invite you to choose us!

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